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One of the problems that a graphic designer face is from his/her client. I remember almost everytime my client said “No no no,it should be on a little right from this place” . I created the whole video and he just said that the text in the clip at 3:25 of video should be on the little right. So, I reopened the project and then made that adjustment and then while viewing he said “I think that the clip at 2:00 should be more brighter” and then I did “THAT” again. This is one of the many cases that I have gone through. And I am only starting in my career. Wonder How Those Big Artists have to go through each and everyday.

But apart from complaining,I sincerely enjoy this work because it gives me a sense of challenge that I have to produce things according to the peoples POV (Point of view). Because Graphic is all about communicating through images so If I am not communicating well to my viewers then I am not a good graphic designer.

So After wearing the THINKING CAP....lets move to solution.

So how do we make graphics according to the client needs or POV?

1) Ask him or her about what he/she want? What is the message that he wants to convey what response did he expect from the viewers?

2) After listening carefully to the client, give him/her the summary of his POV that you understood. Because in many cases the client could not explain his needs and POV clearly.So what do we have to do is to ask and confirm atleast 3 times before starting the project.Believe me,it will save a lot of time in reviewing and re-editing.

3) If your client is with you during the work then ask him after every major step that whether he or she is satisfied or not? If not then what changes they want us to make? In this way,the client gets the feeling that everything is happening according to his will and POV.
P.S In this way He will not point out MANY mistakes because what was done was done by his permission and to his satisfaction.

4) If you think that client is asking to make changes which will change the message or in some way destroys the effect of the graphic then tell him/her only once or at maximum twice. Because if you start arguing with the client then he’ll not be happy even after those changes. (It had happened with me)

Practice these steps in your next project and then feel the difference and comfort of the flow with which the project will be completed.


Hamza Siddiqui.

Peace be upon you.FIRST OF ALL........A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU :).

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